October 21, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan

Toyota going beyond automotive in TMS 2019

The automotive world will flock, once again, to Japan for the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. This exposition happens every two years, and is an increasingly important indication of where the industry believes the world will go. Two years ago we saw a surprising increase in the importance of personal mobility and the flexibility that is allowed by electrification.

We saw modularity of vehicles, we saw integration between personal mobility and vehicles, and we saw surprisingly inventive use of space because traditional vehicle limitations, have been surpassed. This year we expect to see much from giant Toyota.

As they have said they are transforming from an automobile company into one dedicated to mobility in various forms. This is meant to include products, as well as services. They have stated that their mantra is now “mobility for all.” In addition, they are a worldwide partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will be highlighting the services, technologies and programs that will be supportive of that event. They will also use that as a way to show the world what they believe the future will bring.

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