July 30, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

V3 Smart Technologies can help you manage your vehicle fleet more efficiently

Vehicle fleet and workforce management—these are the services that are set to be offered by the newest player in the business and logistics industry. We refer to V3 Smart Technologies Philippines.

A new venture by Auto Nation Group Chief Operating Officer, Francis Jonathan Ang, together with Singapore-based V3 Smart Technologies Pte. Ltd, the company aims to help businesses track and manage their assets using digital tools.

V3 is a provider of digitized business tools designed to help business owners effectively manage their assets more efficiently. Its key services include:

  • Fleet Management Services: This is a platform designed to track and monitor location, safety, and routes of vehicular fleets
  • Workforce Management and Mobility System: This platform looks at parameters such as schedules and disptach locations to help manage workforce movement and workflow.

With these, V3 Smrt Technologies Philippines hopes to help businesses grow by equipping them with the proper tools to manage their assets and operations more efficiently.

For any interest or inquiries, the company can be reached via 8525 9610 or at salesph@v3smarttech.com.

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