November 14, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan

Viva la dolce Vita

Viva Ferrari

The New Ferrari Roma debuts not in Maranello but in the eternal city.

The onwards and upwards movement of the award-winning Ferrari turbocharged V8 continues, this time in a car with a rather different look and feel. The powerplant is now housed, mid-front position for an optimal balance of weight, in a nice long-nosed new car that reminds some of their gloriously beautiful Daytonas.

The new Ferrari Roma was presented to special clients in Rome. Not just because of the naming convenience, but also because the city best exemplified the influence behind the development and design language of the new car. Ferrari wanted the Roma to bring a new level of refinement and beauty, of balance and finesse. Of the sweet life or “La Dolce Vita” that seems to grow from Rome itself. But this new focus on balance, harmony, and beauty doesn’t mean anyone has to settle on the technological side. The V8 delivers 620cv at 7500rpm and uses the new 8-speed DCT transmission that first graced the SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari’s new GT car brings the power and glory of their much-recognized engine in a package that is more beauty than simple brawn, more harmony rather than just simple hardcore performance. Another Ferrari for those Ferraristi that look for something increasingly special.

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