December 02, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Volkswagen to end its motorsport activities by the end of the 2020/21 season

Motorsport aficionados may have heard the news released recently about Audi leaving Formula E. Well, it looks like the Volkswagen Group is likewise leaving not just Formula E but all motorsport activities as well.

The announcement was made by Volkswagen AG, which said that it will cease all motorsport activities in a bid to re-align its resources for its move to go fully electric. This comes a year after the German automaker said that it would end all support for racing cars with internal combustion engines and focus on those that use electric motors, such as the much-celebrated Pikes Peak-winning ID.R.

The latest move would take effect at the end of the 2020/21 season and see all Works teams be integrated into the Volkswagen AG fold. VW wants to utilize all of its resources, including technical know-how into building fully electric cars for the road.

It has already begun this with models like the ID.3, ID.4 and the like. It hopes to further expand this line-up and go fully electric within a few years

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