June 25, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Volkswagen updates Arteon sedan, gives it a stunning Shooting Brake version

The Volkswagen Arteon is no stranger to the brand’s lineup as it has been around since 2017. Three years down the line, the German carmaker gives the swoopy sedan a mild facelift with a few surprises to boot.

More specifically, VW endows the model range with a striking new Shooting Brake, as well as plug-in hybrid and R variants The Shooting Brakes is essentially a wagon or long roof version, which adds a tad more utility and practicality to the lineup. As for the R, it is a performance oriented variant of this upscale nameplate.

Speaking of upscale, VW has given the 2021 Arteon’s cabin more premium materials such as embossed leather on the dash and door panels. There are also the new steering wheel and touch-sensitive aircon controls. All these help uplift the sedan and new Shooting Brake’s interior vibe.

In terms of powertrains, new for 2021 is the plug-in hybrid or eHybrid model with 215bhp and 295lb-ft of torque. This allows drivers to go on full electric mode for a certain range, that VW says, will be enough for a jaunt within city limits. As for that R variant, it comes with 315bhp on tap. Power is transferred to either the front or all four wheels via 8-speed auto with manual mode.

The 2021 Arteon sedan and Shooting Brake will be available within the year. Sadly, it won’t be the case here in our market.

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