March 25, 2014 By C! Magazine Staff

Volvo – Luxury is changing

From the sleek, clean lines to the intricate craftsmanship of the interiors and down to the powerful hum of its engines, a new reVOLVOlution has come.

Smart Luxury is a new way of thinking and a fresher take of making driving a Volvo more pleasurable. Designed around people, the new breed of Volvos will always try to make life less complicated. Form follows function, and when your car is designed inside and out with people in mind, it looks and feels naturally beautiful. Luxury, for Volvo, is not just wasteful extravagance or meaningless excess; it is the emotion that you feel when you are inside (or even outside) our cars. It is about making informed decisions that give you the most value for money. The priceless values — like peace of mind and security — that come with driving a car that is one of the safest in the world.

As 2014 sees the introduction of the redesigned Volvo S60, V60 and XC60, dynamic features such as the Adaptive Digital Display as well as an enhanced City Safety that is now active up to 50kph are standard. Volvo Sensus – Volvo’s in-car intuitive control module that makes all instruments and controls easy to use – the high-res Active Crystal TFT Display or Adaptive Digital Display gives all the needed information without overwhelming the driver. Plus, it has three driving modes to choose from: Eco, Performance or Elegance. The new gearshift paddles also makes driving more fun coupled with the supple Sport seats that hug and supports from thighs to shoulders.

Volvo is more than just about safety. While continuing to lead in that area — with world-first technologies such as the Driver Alert Control, Pedestrian Detection, Cyclist Detection and many more – it also offers utmost enjoyment with its wide variety of engines to choose from. Soon to arrive are the 8-speed engines that contribute to a refined drive and excellent fuel economy. Pumping up a Volvo’s visual volume is also possible with personal customization options such as adding R-Design elements and powered with Polestar engine optimization. Owning a Volvo is also made easier with tailor-made ownership packages and flexible financing options.

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