December 17, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Waze helps you spot RFID routes with latest update

The recent Department of Transportation order to make all tollway transactions cashless and contactless via the RFID system has admittedly brought a lot of confusion among motorists. Among the issues raised is, which RFID system can be used on which tollway? Waze tries to do its part to help enlighten motorists on the matter with its latest update that shows which roads use which RFID.

By updating your Waze app, you can easily get notified on which road is a tollway and what RFID tag it utilizes. Get notified on whether you’re headed for an Autosweep or EasyTrip route. And should you wish to avoid such, Waze will likewise help you do so.

To update your Waze app, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Tap Search, then Settings
  • Tap Toll and HOV passes
  • Add which local passes you have

So go and update your Waze app today.

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