May 04, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Which Mercedes-Benz would you give your Mom on Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day coming up in a few days, a lot of us are wondering what we can get that special woman in our lives. For those that are lucky enough, a brand new Mercedes-Benz might just be waiting the garage to Mom’s delight this weekend.

But which Mercedes-Benz would fit your Mom to a T, you ask?

Mercedes-Benz Philippines gives us a few choices that might just suit Mom. The A-Class, for instance, may be the smallest Merc in the lineup. Yet it is big on features and luxury and could easily be driven by Mom around town.





More luxury and a bit more power comes with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Its compact size actually makes it the perfect companion whether in the city or out of town. And of course, it’s got all the luxuries one would want in this vehicle segment.

The more adventurous Moms would be happy with the GLA crossover. Yes, it’s compact but its slightly elevated ride height means it can tackle more “daring” terrain like a gravel parking lot. Perfect when going out of the city with her friends.

And then there’s the good old V-Class that allows the whole brood to tag along. But if it’s just Mom, she can easily stretch out in comfort en route to her favorite destination.

Either way, there’s a Mercedes-Benz that’s right for Mom. And with cool offers to boot. So contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer today and treat Mom on her special day.

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