April 22, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Why the Toyota Innova continues to be a favorite

The past few months have seen an influx of new players in the growing Multi-purpose Vehicle segment. Despite this, stalwarts like the Toyota Innova seem to still be crowd favorites. Why is this so, you ask?

For one, it’s got space. Sure, the interior layout may not be as advanced as the new ones (it’s still got those fold up to the side 3rd row seats). Yet its got more than ample room to sit 7-8 passengers in comfort (with the top-spec V variant’s 2nd row Captain’s Seats). And it can also swallow luggage and gear with ease.

Another strong suit is its robust chassis and powertrain. It’s built on the IMV platform that’s shared with the Fortuner and the Hilux. Sure, it’s not as smooth and refined as car-based MPVs. Yet it gives the assurance that the Innova can tackle various terrain, save for full-on off-road trails, with ease.

Moreover, its potent yet efficient 2.8-liter diesel mill is not only easy to maintain but can haul the vehicle to comfortable cruising speeds without fuss.

And of course, it’s backed by Toyota reliability and durability, which now also means affordable maintenance. Apart from relatively affordable Toyota Genuine Spare Parts, the Japanese carmaker also serves up free Preventive Maintenance Service for up to 20,000kms. And you can even avail of Balloon Payment options that are light on the pocket.

And did we mention that it actually looks rather sporty? Sure, it’s an MPV. But it’s ruggedly handsome.

Filipinos tend to be traditional people, especially when purchasing big ticket items like automobiles. So it’s no surprise that vehicles like the Toyota Innova continue to sell well simply because of the aforementioned reasons.

Check out the new Toyota Innova at your nearest Toyota dealer today.

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