September 18, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

You can now chat with Toyota Motor Philippines through Viber and Facebook Messenger

Following the launch of its Virtual Showroom a month or so ago, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) takes its digital customer interaction even further by rolling out two new ways to keep in touch. These are the Viber Chat and Facebook Messenger channels.

These new channels allow customers to connect with the country’s leading carmaker from the safety of their homes or wherever they may be. It gives them updates on what’s new with Toyota, as well as find out more about vehicles that they may wish to purchase.

The Viber Chat channel, for instance, lets one receive the latest news, promo updates, and other relevant information about Toyota. Simply search for Toyota PH and join the community.

As for Facebook, simply go to the Toyota Motor Philippines page and start interacting with the brand. One can even check out the latest vehicle models, as well as inquire about anything Toyota. You may also visit the Toyota Virtual Showroom where a chat box will appear.

Either way, one can share any concerns or queries they may have. And TMP assures that it won’t stop here as more channels will be rolled out real soon.

So go ahead and chat away.

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