October 29, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

You can now shop for tires online via GoGulong

It used to be that buying a set of tires for your vehicle involved going to several shops to canvass for a set best suited to your needs. Yet with the onset of the pandemic and quarantine, this isn’t exactly such a good idea. A new digital portal, however, may just allow you to buy those tires in a safe manner. Enter GoGulong.

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GoGulong is a new digital marketplace where you will find a wide selection of tires. You can choose from top brands, as well as different sizes and tread patterns to fit various types of vehicles.

Moreover, you can choose from a diverse mix of tire installation partners that can also provide other services such as wheel balancing and alignment, rubber valves, and the like. And you can even avail of discount vouchers that are exclusive to GoGulong users.

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The process is as easy as choosing a tire, locating an installation partner shop, picking out a payment method (credit or debit card, online payment, bank payment, or cash) and going over to the shop to have those tires installed on your vehicle.

Shopping for tires is now safe and convenient. Visit GoGulong at https://gogulong.ph/ and shop away!

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