November 27, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

You can now check out the Kia of your choice at the new Kia Virtual Showroom

We now live in an age that is increasingly becoming digital. Online shopping, online meetings, and most everything done via the digital space. Kia Philippines adapts to this new way of life with its new Virtual Showroom.

By logging on to visitors will get to see and experience the Kia brand from the comfort and safety of their home. And we’re not simply talking about cars displayed on a web browser, mind you.

The Kia Virtual Showroom presents the vehicles, for instance, in a manner that is as immersive as possible. Think 360 degree views both inside and out. This way, you feel like you’re actually walking around the car just as you would in a physical dealership.

Then there is the information on demand. This allows one to get specifications, features, price quotes, and the like in an instant. It’s like you’re actually consulting with a sales agent.

And finally, the site will help you find the nearest Kia dealer. You can then proceed to set an appointment so you can transact as safely as possible despite being “out thee”.

Check out the Kia vehicle line-up at the Kia Virtual Showroom by logging on to

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