September 01, 2016 By C! Magazine Staff

2016 C! Award for Corporate Achievement – MicMic Rojas


The Corporate Achievement Award
Michael “MicMic” Rojas

We have known MicMic Rojas and Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. since before the start of C!, and we have known of their wheels as objects of desire way before that. He is at the helm of a worldwide business that provides quality products under their own labels but also under brand names that make gearheads worldwide salivate. He is a car guy at heart as well, supporting motorsports and motor racing at the highest professional level but also at the just-starting grassroots level, and he does so often for nothing more than the desire to see the sport and the love for it grow. He can discuss the handling of the latest European speed machine just as easily as he can tell you about a thirty- year-old project car that finally got him to work without stopping. We at C! salute the fact that MicMic not only keeps the passion going in an industry that may no longer be used to it, but he in fact feeds it. He has the rather rare combination of true enthusiasm with the ability to run and grow a global business in a challenging environment.

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