September 01, 2016 By C! Magazine Staff

2016 Pocholo Ramirez Lifetime Achievement Award – Sophie de los Santos


We have been going to car shows since we were kids. The days spent wandering around all the big toys have special places in our memories. I remember where and when I first saw a Lotus or a Miura, when I saw racecars up close in all their glorious livery. The shows were always something to look forward to, and the truth is they are only getting better. As of course the entire industry has. The communication and the product and the passion always work best when honestly and truthfully intertwined.

Sophie de los Santos has been drawing us in and making our eyes tear up as far back as we care to remember. She and her organization have been key to bringing out the technology as well as the passion. In a world where there is constant distance between many that should be going in the same direction, she has been able to stay a magnet for the different needs and desires. Providing a venue, then a series of venues, that could give voice not only to the passionate enthusiasts and collectors but the brands as well. Not only the established names but those that were just coming in. Original Equipment suppliers, aftermarket tuner shops, consumer goods looking for visibility with a devoted base with purchasing power, many can trace their start and their growth to the increased attention and professional conduct and communication of passion and technology that have thankfully become more the required norm rather than the exception.

Many now use the words passion, authenticity, value and the like as bywords in a marketing campaign. Sophie is one of those that has had all that from the start.

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