March 20, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

Road Safety – Seatbelts and How they Save Lives

Seatbelt Safety Facts

Wearing your seat belt should be second-nature; a natural part of your driving routine. Seat belts help save lives and make the roadway a safer place for drivers and passengers alike. Hopefully discounting these common myths and educating drivers about the risk they face every time they drive without buckling up will help increase the number of people who make the conscious choice to always wear their seat belts.

Misconception: Safety belts are uncomfortable and restrict movement.

Fact: While some drivers complain about how seat belts are uncomfortable and always getting in the way, the truth is that once a seat belt is properly adjusted, it should fit snugly and securely, without impeding any movements.

Misconception: Safety belts prevent you from escaping your vehicle during a crash.

Fact: Safety belts can actually keep you from being knocked unconscious which will improve your chances of escaping during an accident. This belief stems from the fear or getting trapped in a sinking or burning car. It also takes less than a few seconds to remove a seat belt.

Misconception: Safety belts are unnecessary for when I’m driving at low speeds.

Fact: If you experience a frontal collision driving at 50 kph un-belted, your body continues to travel forward into the vehicle’s frontal interior components, (steering wheel, instrument panel, windshield) at 50 kph. This is actually the same velocity a person falling from the top of a three-story building would experience when they come in contact with the ground.

Misconception: Some people are thrown clear in a collision and walk away with hardly a scratch.

Fact: Your chances of surviving a collision are five times as good if you stay inside the car. A seat belt can keep you from being thrown out into the path of another car.

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