March 17, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

Road Safety – Proper Footwear for Driving

C! Magazine’s Road Safety Guidelines, Part 2

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We, women, love shoes. We know them. We flaunt them. However, in driving, shoes aren’t really seen. Many of us would choose an ugly pair of shoes for driving or even our house slippers or flip flops. But, have you ever considered that your driving footwear might prevent you from arriving safe to your destination?

Contrary to popular belief proper footwear is a big factor in driving a motor vehicle safely, and is too often overlooked. You need to have the ability to feel and modulate the pedals of your car properly in order to accelerate and brake as efficiently as possible. Using improper footwear can put yourself and others at risk.

Your driving shoes should be able to make your feet feel the pedals. For example, shoes with soles of over 10 mm or clogs with hard heels are unsuitable for driving due to the extremely hard bottoms of these types of footwear that obstruct the feeling required by the feet to operate the pedals properly. Both accelerator and brake pedals are worked with the heel on the floor. Wearing high-heeled shoes will be a problem since the heel is elevated and the operation of the pedals is hampered because of this.

Save the flip flops for your walk on the beach. The Y-straps on your slippers can get caught up on the pedals which can trap your foot upon switching.  It’s better to use slip ons like the ones you see on Sanuk or the espadrilles that’s like Tom’s. We’re not suggesting that they be branded. As long as you buy the right ones that would be comfortable and safe for driving.

Here are some characteristics that will make a good driving shoe:

The sole should neither be too thick or too thin. It should not be too soft or too flexible and it should have enough grip on the pedal to avoid slipping.

  • It should be lightweight to enable easy movement.
  • It should not hinder ankle movement in working various pedals.
  • It should not be unnecessarily wide as to cause stepping on two pedals at the same time.

If you want to know what kind of shoes that are advisable to use for driving, check out the colorful guide we’ve made especially for you.

On the other end of the spectrum, driving barefoot – although providing the maximum feel of the pedals – might result in injury on the feet. In cases of traffic accidents with nothing to protect the feet, one might tread on broken glass and sustain major injuries. Slight pain in the foot might hinder stepping hard on the brakes in case of emergency.

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