March 13, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

Road Safety – Stop, Look, and Listen

C! Magazine’s Road Safety Guidelines, Part 1

Stop, Look, and Listen

Driving isn’t simply about what you see right in front of you. It also entails that we make ourselves aware of our surroundings, too. This being said, we always hear the saying “stop, look, and listen”.

Other cars, motorcycles, bikes, even pedestrians are all around us. What is the proper thing to do when someone wishes to cross, for instance? Let us give you a few reminders to make our roads a safer place, and to make you a better driver, yes?



When you come up to a crossing, a crosswalk or a pedestrian lane, or that big yellow box in the middle of the intersection, and especially if you have a nice big red light glaring right at you, STOP. There is a reason why these markings and lights are there. Slow down to a gradual halt, keep your foot on the brakes, and make sure you don’t roll forward or backward. Keep those wheels and that bumper clear of the lines, okay?



Look to the left, and then look to the right. That is the most basic premise, isn’t it? Apart from that, make sure that you also make use of your rearview, and your side mirrors, too. They are there for a reason and are not simply ornamental. Do make sure that no one is tailgating you, nor is anyone coming up to you from your sides.



Driving is a total experience, and it is not simply about what the eyes see; it’s also what you hear. Right before you let the brakes go and step ever so gradually on the accelerator pedal, LISTEN. If you hear a horn or any other sound that equates to someone or something being in the immediate surroundings of your car, STOP. Look again, and when you’re certain that all is clear, then proceed forward gradually.

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