April 07, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

Road Safety – Pedestrians, Motorists, and the Right of Way

Give way, yield, and always be observant of your surroundings

This applies to us as pedestrians, and as drivers. Whether it is people nonchalantly crossing despite being told not to, or cars that stop and block the crosswalks, these are prevalent problems in our streets and we aim to inform you of what should be done.


  1. Stop, look, listen. Don’t simply get off the curb and cross.
  2. Look to the left, and look to the right before crossing the street.
  3. Make sure you are using the pedestrian lane. This is for your protection, and simply the right place to cross.
  4. Carry your children if they are still too young to be able to run or react in spur-of-the-moment situations.
  5. Make sure you cross in a well-lit environment. This is for your safety.
  6. Wear apparel or accessories that have reflectors when walking at night to ensure you can be seen by motorists.


  1. Always yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk.
  2. Stop, look, and listen before proceeding to move your vehicle from the crossing.
  3. Make sure to have your headlights on when driving at night to see pedestrians and other vehicles.
  4. Give ample space between yourself and the sidewalk.
  5. Use your signal lights when changing lanes.
  6. Use your car’s horn, when necessary, to indicate that you are there.

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