December 09, 2022 By Steven Edward Yu

Making Champions Over the Years: The Only Prototype Car in the Country That Can Complete a Full 8-hour Endurance Race

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Manila, December 9TRS-Formula V1 team is the only prototype car on the grid that finished an 8-Hour endurance race. With the recently concluded Petron Makabayan Endurance race, the TRS Formula V1 team was able to bag the championship through teamwork, dedication, and of course, the V1 car’s undeniable durability.

The team comprises seasoned TRS Instructors: Vios Cup Champion and Race winners Quattro Adriano and Elysse Menorca, Time Attack Champion Paul Monastrial, Karting Champion Jiffy Armas, and multiple race winner and cancer survivor Pathrick Bautista. Managed by Virtual Cup Race Director and Safety Car driver Gav Quintos, Touring Car Champion, and International FV1 driver Bjorn Ongtiaobok.

The TRS Formula V1 Team started from 9th on the grid, with Quattro on the opening stint. It was then handed to Pathrick during the second stint when the fuel starvation issue began to creep on the car, shortening all the driver stints to just 30 minutes – followed by Elysse for the third stint, who bagged a total of 17 laps with a safety car period. After the extended stint, Jiffy took 13 laps of nursing the car before handing it over to Paul, who took over the last of the morning stint with a total of 15 laps. During the 2nd set of driver stints, the fuel system issue worsened, resulting in a much shorter stint for each driver. Quattro and Pathrick each had 20-minute stints. Elysse, Jiffy, and Paul‘s second stints only had three laps each as the fuel system failed on the 5th hour. The team decided to box and fix the issues, and through the help of the experienced Formula V1 mechanics of OTR Motorsport and TRS, they repaired the fuel pump issue in less than 30 minutes.

With less than three hours left on the clock and dropping as low as P18 with multiple laps down on the standings, the #85 Formula V1 car regained its original pace under Quattro’s stint, clocking in a consistent pace of 2’15s for 1 hour straight. With the vehicle recovering its speed, the team decided to switch strategies to regain as many places as possible. Quattro handed it over to Pathrick from P16, clocking in consistent 2’17s and regaining P15 on his stint. Finally, the team decided that Paul had to take the final 1-hour stint. Taking the wheels on the track with a consistent 2’16 pace, he ultimately took back three positions, crossing the checkered flag and clinching the title of 8-hour Prototype Class Champion.

And, of course, the team’s overall success was made possible with the help of its sponsors. The team also congratulates Tuason Racing, Giti Tires, West Racing Japan, Oakley, FASA, Brembo, OMP, and Rota. Together with its media partners, Autodeal, Autocar, C! Magazine, Time Attack Manila, Inquirer, and Wheels.








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