February 24, 2011 By C! Magazine Staff

ZWorks Carbon Fiber Hood Install


Mention the words carbon fiber in any automotive gathering and instantly watch widening of eyes and listen for the collective gasp of oohs and ahhs. Carbon fiber, that once unreachable wonder material born from the aerospace industry is now a virtual staple of the automotive aftermarket scene. No doubt the deep 3D depth of carbon fiber weave has been a major attraction and is considered beautiful, sexy and exotic. Google up CF and you will read that it its stronger than steel and weighs only a fraction for a similarly sized component. For automotive applications, the crucial factor here is weight reduction, less weight means faster quarter mile times and increased response. Now you can get virtually CF anything for your ride and CF manufacturer’s like Z Works offer fenders, trunks, spoilers, wrap around kits and more but no doubt, hoods are still the number one and most popular item to get the CF replacement.

1. Ah the venerable EK Civic. With virtually unlimited aftermarket potential, is a natural candidate for upgrading to a carbon fiber hood.

2. With only 4 bolts holding the hood, it seems like a pretty easy job taking out the stock hood right? In reality its at least a 2 man job to remove a stock hood.

3. Z Works carbon fiber hoods are molded from perfect OEM components to ensure a perfect fit that’s at par with OEM standards.

4. We then weighed the stock hood and was surprised it weight a hefty 32 pounds! The Z Works hood weighed in at 18 pounds, which is almost half the weight of the stock hood.

5. The same 4 bolts hold the CF hood in place. A little known detail is that on most cars, the second hole on the hinge is oval, to allow room for adjustment and alignment of the hood.

6. We had these sparco hood pins lying around for quite some time, the Z Works CFhood is the perfect excuse to install them.

7. The hood pins are fastened securely to the chassis and here’s the finished hood install.

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