July 30, 2020 By Miguel C. Bichara Photos by Randy Silva-Netto

Bike Review: 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4S

Imagine the current Panigale V4 1100, with its  Desmosedici MotoGP based motor and electronics, stripped of its fairings, with high and wide handlebars in place of racing clip-ons. This, in short, is the underlying concept of the new 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4 (SFV4).  I actually own a Panigale V4 superbike that makes a claimed 214hp at the crank. The thought of using and owning a hypersport naked that is way more comfortable ergonomically with the same power and handling characteristics of Ducati’s Flagship superbike is simply mind blowing. In short, it’s a naked Superbike!

This is the most awaited Hypersport naked of the Ducati Lineup. It’s basically the V4 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale power plant and chassis as the Panigale V4 Superbike. It has three power riding modes; Sport, Street, and Race. So you can choose the right power dynamics with reference to your riding conditions. You can also set Ohlins suspension settings electronically or keep it on the default factory settings on the dash.

5-spoke OZ Racing wheels shaved a few grams of unsprung weight from stock plus it complements the gold Ohlins NIX-30 upside-down forks

Hopping aboard the Streetfighter V4 is easy thanks to the bike’s slim build, upright ergos and the accessible seat height. Footpeg position is about 20mm lower than the Panigale V4 superbike’s position making it a joy to ride. Seat height is a bit tall for short riders. For anyone who is 5’7 and over it will be just fine. You will also appreciate the very soft OEM seat foam of this bike. I have never felt a softer seat produced from any manufacturer that is this soft and comfortable. The one piece handlebar has an inch rise and is fairly wide making the bike even more agile to flick around. 

This is surely the sportiest naked model in Ducati’s catalogue, as well as the most powerful in its category. You will notice bi-plane wings on each side of the bike. According to Ducati, this is based on their motoGP effort of creating downforce at high speeds. You see, putting a 208 hp motor on an upright riding bike will cause the bike to lift as the weight has now moved to the center of the bike instead of the front on a superbike as you are hunched down and forward. On this SFV4 you are way more upright thus, at high speeds it will add to instability as your torso is being hit by the wind blast and pulling you back. So this is where the Bi-plane wings come in handy. 

Ducati claims the bi-plane wings create enough downforce at high speeds to keep the front wheel planted to the ground. It’s ground breaking technology that works. But most people who will buy the bike may not feel the difference. But it does work according to Ducati as this technology was wind tunnel tested and showed a significant rise in downforce as the speed increased. Ducati claimed a 30kg downforce at 270 km/h. Lower kg at lesser speeds, do the math. Simply astonishing. Just like owning a Ferrari with a spoiler at the rear to give you more grip and downforce at high speed.

Now what about windblast from a naked bike point of view? There is lots of it. So those who are not used to a powerful naked bike and would prefer some wind protection while touring, then look elsewhere. A Multistrada 1260 will give you very good wind protection for your high speed riding aggression. But for all out Pikes Peak twisty mountain road corner carving type performance, the SFV4 wins hands down. Only drawback really is wind protection. Agility, power, looks and overall fun to ride, the SF ticks all the boxes. 

Manufacturing quality is very high, with LED lights front and rear, and good fit and finish with cable and wire housing well hidden from view, typical from a premium brand like Ducati. It also has a Bluetooth enabled colored TFT dash much like the Panigale V4’s. This includes a speedometer, tachometer, riding modes indicator, temp gauge, gear position and clock. Still no fuel gauge. I was hoping to see one on the SFV4.

The new Streetfighter V4 is powered by a 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale engine. In this configuration the 90° V4 delivers 208 hp at 12,750 rpm.

I will immodestly claim to have ridden many Hypersport naked motorcycles on the road and track over the past decade and it was readily apparent after a couple of kilometers aboard this Streetfighter V4 that Ducati’s engineering team have done a phenomenal job. Just moving away from Street, Sport or race mode displayed how beautifully mapped this throttle is, with the legendary direct connection between your right hand and the rear tire evident at all throttle openings. It just gives this bike so much character and soul. Which Ducati’s are really known for.

This Ducati Performance Akrapovic exhaust system came from Miguel’s Panigale V4

Like the Panigale V4, this spirited acceleration becomes so addictive, made arguably more so with the whine of the Desmosedici 1103cc V4 engine and exhaust note especially when equipped with the Ducati Performance Akrapovic exhaust system.


Gold OZ Racing wheels replaced the stock 3-spoke Marchesini forged aluminum alloy wheels.

Addictive is the word to surely describe this, and the way the StreetfighterV4 seemingly always has the extra performance in store when you need it. There is a claimed 208hp from this motor according to Ducati. Even on Street Mode for everyday use, is downright impressive. In the equivalent of top gear roll-ons, winding the light action throttle wide open simply catapults you past cars traveling at expressway speeds, yet, in a traffic congested city streets, it’s so easy to trickle along at low speeds. Just twist and go as you know you will always have 208hp performance available via your right wrist on the StreetfighterV4 than on any other hypersport naked.

The Streetfighter V4 range features powerful Brembo Stylema® monobloc calipers

It is also equipped with the same stellar braking performance as the Panigale V4’s Stylema Brembo calipers. It’s brick wall strong!  Has all the electronic aids as well taken from its big brother. The SFV4S is equipped as well with TTX Electronic Ohlins front and rear Suspension which makes the bike run extremely smooth even on the gnarliest Phil. road surface. Which, by the way, is fully adjustable via buttons on the handlebar switchgear. It’s way smoother than the Panigale V4’s electronic suspension set up. 

The Streetfighter V4 S is equipped with an Öhlins NIX-30 fork, an Öhlins TTX36 rear shock absorber and an Öhlins event-based steering damper.

Bike comes standard with exemplary Pirelli Rosso Corsa ll tires. Its dual compound giving you a harder compound in the center of the tire and softer compound on the edges. I was blown away by the performance of these tires. The StreetfighterV4 though comes with the same rear tire size as the Panigale V4 which is 200-60/17. Our local Philippine Pirelli distributor doesn’t carry this size in the Rosso Corsa ll range just yet. They do in the Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa SP range though. We’re hoping they bring in this Rosso Corsa 200/60 rear tire size as this adds to the great mileage but still giving you all out performance when push comes to shove type kind of riding. Worse case scenario, I will have to opt for the 200-60 rear in the Supercorsa SP range. Of Course front and rear must be replaced with the same tire brand variant.

The 60 series rear sidewall height just makes the bike easier to tip into the corners with ease compared to a 50 or 55 series rear tire. You can feel the difference. 

Ducati’s key target of this SFV4 is to seek and attract sportbike riders with a more comfortable platform but still blowing the door down with Superbike performance.

At an SRP of P1.550M for this top-of-the-line model. It’s worth every centavo you can throw at her. Check out their demo units and schedule a test ride. Then you tell me what you really think of the bike.


This photo of Miguel was taken by Darwin Zialcita of News Moto

Ducati has hit a goldmine producing this ergonomically comfortable MotoGP derived Desmosedici V4 1100 in  naked disguise. As I’ve said, this is the most awaited hypersport naked for 2020. It is worth waiting for. Fall in line though, as the queue is longer than you think.


Engine: efi, liquid-cooled, Desmosedici Stradale V4, 4 stroke, 16 valves

Displacement: 1103cc

Max Power: 208 bhp @ 12750 rpm

Max Torque: 90.4 @ 11500 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed

Seat Height: 845 mm

Fuel Capacity: 16 Liters

Tire, Front: 120/70-17

Tire, Rear: 200/60-17

Brakes, Front/ Rear: 2 Disc/Disc ABS

Curb Weight: 199 kg.

Price: PhP 1,550,000 (Streetfighter V4 S), 

PhP 1,350,000 (Streetfighter V4)  

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