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Bike Review: 2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber 1200

Triumph Motorcycles are just so damn beautiful. Anyone who owns it or dreams to have one just couldn’t resist taking a snapshot with the bike, on the bike or just the bike alone. They are charismatic, elegant, aesthetic and visually stimulating. The Triumph Bonneville, for us outshine them all, for a relatively inviting standard seat height, perfect for most Filipinos, marquee black finish and grassroots simplicity makes riding a motorcycle fun to its purest form.


They say, wear something for your bike. In this case, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a bike that you can wear. Just count how many eyes attract the bike whether parked, on it, or moving. It possesses head-turning charisma, just full of character and stance like a command aura.


Triumph Motorcycles under AutoHub Group is the icing on the cake to complete the EU-motorcycles manufacturers’ line-up in the Philippines. Since the ‘return-of-the-cafe-racers’ for over 5 years ago, Triumph Motorcycles has always been one of the most desirable brands to own, considering it’s authentic vibe of keeping most of the classic design queues, elements, equipment, or ‘keeping it simple’ as a way to sum it all up; while adding modern features to adapt to current riding demands and access to new customers.

The Bonneville range is the most desirable fleet for heritage aficionados, casually-cool individuals and conversationalists who appreciate art over caffeinated beverages. It doesn’t require over-the-top skills to mount a Triumph bike, It only takes a shirt, sunglasses, faded jeans and worn boots to highlight a reflection of the “King of Cool” himself, Mr. Steve McQueen. Triumph, the brand built as British icons, pure, up to date, and built for the ride.


A homage to the first bobbers, the Bonneville Bobber simplistic design is a straight lift of the stripped, low bikes, to go as fast on a straight line. It also has distinct fat front tires, makes an imposing, robust stance, similarly complemented with wide rear tires and makes a visual mass on all angles.

A floating single seat obeys its bobber authenticity, with a hard-tail look, cage swing arm and a neat moto-shock suspension. The exhaust flow on both sides keeps a balanced visual appeal flowing from the twin-thumper engine. The tank, headlight, turn signals and other engine elements are kept roundish, to adulate the classic form of this bobber.


The Bonneville Bobber is a 1200cc claimed engine with 78.17 lb-ft of max torque and 76 max horsepower. It has a big bore 97.6mm and 80mm stroke. The torque is felt at around 4000rpm with punchy twin-thumping power complemented with a hefty rumbling grunt that pumps out a mechanical flex of character; that is naturally responsive.


It rides like a dream. Certainly, an experience that captures any rider’s fantasy to star any movie as the lead role. Visions appear as if there is a moving spotlight under the sky and everyones’ a witness of your grand arrival. Like an action star that can speed up at any given time, but not agile enough to keep that slick hairstyle and perfumed clothes.

This bobber lets you enjoy the freedom to ride, like on-any-Sunday, carefree and not-in-a-rush type of scenarios. The Bonneville Bobber is a charming asset for any rider of all skill-level, thanks to the accessible 690mm seat height. While it does not have the best suspension out there, it comes with easy maneuverability and a significantly standard handlebar rise that expresses authentic bobber ergonomics with a little capability and comfort.


Triumph kept the stripped down theme of the Bonneville Bobber, blessed with modern equipment that adds up to the riding experience. It certainly has cruise control. Two riding modes (rain and road), adjustable traction control, torque-assist clutch, and ABS that come as standard. The floating seat is fully adjustable.


Just a little over the 1-million peso mark, this premium motorcycle is simply elegant in form, yet modest in power output. Everything is well placed to consider this product of high value, prestige and the single seater makes it a lot more exclusive ownership. The build quality is simply a Triumph trademark, straightforward and uncomplicated.

Actual Usage

We took our weekend outside Metro Manila, following APOR restrictions and health measures observed. The bike and I had all riding conditions just to make sure all the ticks were checked while reviewing this bike. First and foremost, heavy traffic usage: I would say that in hectic bumpy traffic, the 1200cc engine is just too overpowering – just like walking a huge dog on a leash that pulls you out of your own balance. While the weight is complemented by its low seat height, the thrust in the low rpm is strong and needs more rider management. But thanks to the soft clutch operation, it makes life easier. 

Real life bumps can be felt, a bit tough damping on the rear portion, can be a bit uncomfortable, but totally manageable. The long swing arm minimizes the bike’s handling ability, but is totally stable and trusting at high speeds. The cruise control is really useful especially on long highway stretches. 


This bike is a singular choice that wants to experience its bare benefits.

Just like your favorite expensive shoe or watch that you dress to impress. There is nothing wrong about it in all honesty, this bike is something anyone can be really proud owning one. It is one that flaunts your status unique understanding of the pleasures of riding your own motorcycle. The deeper kind of person will truly appreciate how the Bonneville Bobber can accommodate you in an exclusive style.


A 900 option opens a lot of possibilities for this product to accommodate more novice riders who are not much into speed but city and weekend leisures. But this bike is more than enough for anyone who wants a unique and exclusive ride.


Engine: efi, liquid-cooled, inline-2, 4 stroke, 8 valve, sohc

Displacement: 1200cc

Max Power: 76 hp @ 6100 rpm

Max Torque: 78.17 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed

Seat Height: 690mm

Fuel Capacity: 9 Liters

Tire, Front: 100/90 x 19

Tire, Rear: 150/80 x 16

Brakes, Front/ Rear: Disc/Disc ABS

Curb Weight: 233 kg.

Top Speed:  150 Km/h 

Price: PhP 1,015,000 

+: Handsome styling and superb build quality

-: Stiff rear suspension

C! Rating 9/10 

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