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Bike Review: 2021 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

The Unique Path to Sport-Touring

Beautiful motorcycles. There is no doubt that Triumph Motorcycles produce classics with finesse with updated technology to capture the young and new market provided for the rich heritage of the brand’s commitment to enhance customer experience.

On the flip side of the classic Bonneville range, Triumph Tigers emerge with a lot of expectations to the growing adventure market, coming from the graduating classes of naked and sport heritage. If you have about a million to spare, can the Tigers pounce even though late in the dirty side of things?


Triumph Motorcycles’ development for adv-touring bikes are focused. Participating in contention to European heavyweights like the GS’s and Multistradas’ that are currently slugging it out on the ring. Although, the brand’s capability to communicate to its market is multidimensional and aims in particular to keep customers within its boundaries.


The Tiger 900 GT Pro checks all the non-negotiables, particular to sport-touring function. Classy and agile chassis, lightweight, and powerful. A bike built from scratch should maintain the demands of a quick bike that can handle a little bit of unpaved road. A lot of improvement points from the previous model, a slimmed down form and a modern facelift.


The engine is a triple-cylinder, 888cc that fires like a twin. It has a lot of low-mid range torque output that works well on speedy overtakes. Thanks to the quickshifter feature, it gives that sporty need, at a more relaxed upright position. The sound is a distinct Triumph uproar with a beefy mid-tone that gives that aggressive feeling. It’s hard not to push the bike, since it’s relatively light and stable.



It feels more like a tall naked, than a pure adventurer. It is well positioned to favor on-road touring that gives attention to it’s maneuverability. It is a pretty agile bike thanks to the slim properties, compared to other brands that cover a lot of mass that add to wind drag friction. The ample amount of power is complemented by the bodywork, and it’s quite an experience.


Here is where Triumph jacked up the knobs. First, the meter panel is huge. It’s like a tablet slapped on top of the headboard. The TFT is crystal clear and the quality is above board. It has a lot of preview options, change colors and it feels like a library giving you all the details you need about your trip and the bike.

It has also a phone connectivity where you can navigate and reflect the music you are tripping into. Next is the heated grips and cruise control. Very essential for the frequent long distance traveller and waterproof riders. It also keeps your behind warm with heated seats including the pillion. It also comes with a sturdy hand guard, premium quality switches and a nice joystick to fiddle on idle.

It also is equipped with cornering ABS and traction control that is very essential nowadays. It has LED Fog lights that come as standard as a bonus. The real meat comes into the electronically adjustable Marzocchi rear suspension unit that is quite a luxury to own and user fancy. It has five riding modes to choose from to satisfy your riding mood. But wait, there’s more! You can put it on center stand, it has Triumph Shift Assist and Tyre Pressure monitoring. What else can you ask for?


If you’re looking for a generously-equipped bike that is packed with features, then this is the way to go. In a sea of GS’ and Multi’s, Triumph offers the value on what’s on the menu. It is one of the smartest sport-touring bikes in the market with a sack-full of technology that enhances your riding experience.

Actual Usage

It was a stormy weekend. We were storm chasers trying to outrun the dim sky south of the metro. The bike is very stable, despite wet concrete and the tire grip is comfortably secure. I liked how it rumbles out its engine character. It feels like a youthful grunt that seeks to have fun. I like how you can flip the windscreen with one hand when the wind gets tough. The sight of a Triumph sport-adv surprises a lot of people, being fresh to the eyesight. It’s new to the market but stands out in its own way. 

We did explore a lot of back roads, even challenging ourselves to find new routes, a cave-like entry, passing through towns and eventually ending up into a well-preserved heritage site. The bike is a fit for our agenda, explore. We took a small turn passing through smaller backroads and found ourselves playing on soft mud packs caused by the recent storm.

Thanks to the bike’s lightweight frame and riding modes, it was easy to adapt to the abrupt change of road setting. Warm hands kept my comfort and electric auto suspension makes it easier when we return back to the concrete. It just takes a bit of familiarization but in the end, features like these can come really handy.


This bike is a unique choice. It’s a great deal to own a sport-tourer that is jam-packed with bells and whistles. If it invokes personal satisfaction of bending a bike to your own will, standing like a steady companion, with a brand that offers prestige, then this is the way. Triumph’s way of offering experience is plain and simple. For the ride, that’s why.


A smaller displacement, probably can entice more buyers, since 900cc is a hundred shy from a liter, can get too overwhelming for starters. It can also turn off non-techy riders who give more attention to torque and sharper handling, particularly to some Japanese counterparts. The Tiger 900 GT Pro is a unique path to on-road, long distance travels, equipped with essentials, plus additional experience enhancers.


Engine: fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, Inline-3, dohc, 12 valves, 4 stroke

Displacement: 888cc

Max Power: 94 hp @ 8750 rpm

Max Torque: 64 lb-ft @ 7250 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed

Seat Height: 810mm

Fuel Capacity: 20 Liters

Tire, Front: 100/90 x R19

Tire, Rear: 150/70 x R17

Brakes, Front/ Rear: 2 Disc/Disc ABS

Dry Weight: 198 kg.

Top Speed:  201 Km/h (125 mph) 

Price: PhP 1,140,000 

+: Comfortable ergos, characterful triple cylinder motor, electronic rider aids

-: electronics overload

C! Rating 9/10 

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