December 18, 2020 By Maynard Marcelo Photos by Juanito Vinluan

Bike Review : Suzuki Burgman Street

Contrary to what its manufacturer wants you to believe, the new Suzuki Burgman Street is NOT a maxi-scooter. It may be inspired by its bigger Burgman brothers but a maxi-scooter, by definition, is a large scooter with larger frames and longer wheelbases than regular scooters and with engines ranging from 200cc to 850cc, and the Burgman Street is clearly none of those. 

What it has plenty of, however, are features you don’t normally see in scooters in its class and price range. When Suzuki launched the Burgman Street online a month ago it received plenty of positive feedback in social media. But there are also those who criticize the rather unorthodox 10-inch size rear wheel Suzuki decided to equip the Burgman Street relative to its 12-inch front wheel. 

It may look awkward especially when viewed from the sides but in fairness to the Burgman Street, Suzuki engineers simply followed the design lead of its bigger Burgman siblings. The Burgman 200 uses a 12-inch rear and 13-inch front wheel combination. The Burgman 400 uses a 13-inch rear and a 15-inch front wheel. The Burgman 650 uses a 14-inch rear and a 15-inch wheel. The Burgman Street uses a tall profile rear tire so it somehow compensates for the overall diameter visually relative to the 12-inch front wheel that has a lower profile tire. The practice of using a bigger front wheel diameter on scooters is more common than you think. The Yamaha Xmax, for example, uses a 14-inch rear and 15-inch front wheel combination. 

When Suzuki gave the media a special preview of the Burgman Street last November 20, I was really surprised to see its actual size. I swear it looks smaller in photos. Perhaps those small wheels relative to its bulky body design contributed to that effect. But in reality it’s fairly large for a 125cc scooter, and it’s wider than most, giving you that quasi maxi-scooter feeling. 

Like its higher displacement brothers, the Burgman Street is designed to signify luxury. It has an LED headlight, position lamp and tail lamp that enhance rider visibility at night. Its body mounted windscreen is quite low providing minimum wind protection but at least it helps reduce wind drag for improved aerodynamics. Some chrome accents give the Burgman Street a more premium look. Overall build quality and fit and finish is also high. 

The Burgman Street features a full digital instrument panel with a digital clock, a fuel gauge showing accurate fuel status, an oil change Indicator, and a dual trip meter which keeps track of the distance between trips and measures the fuel-efficiency. Another maxi-scooter feature is a 2L lidded front glove box with a 12v auxiliary power port for charging mobile devices.

Under the seat is a 21L compartment that is spacious enough for personal belongings but sadly not big enough to fit a full face helmet. For that you need to install an aftermarket top box. 

The seat height is a very accessible 780mm, allowing even the most vertically challenged rider easy access to the ground. The saddle itself is long and wide giving the rider and pillion plenty of space to move fore and aft to find the most comfortable riding position. With the Burgman  Street’s wide front apron and high handlebar positioning, you also get the feeling that you’re seated in, and not on, the scooter. Giving you the illusion that you’re riding a much bigger scooter.     

The Burgman Street uses an all-aluminum forced air-cooled and fuel injected 124cc single cylinder motor that pumps out a respectable 8.58 hp at 7000 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.52 lb-ft at 5000 rpm (6.4 Kw and 10.2 Nm). This is slightly lower than most 125cc scooters in the market, however, even when you compare it to the Suzuki Skydrive 125 FI that’s rated at 9.25 hp at 7500 rpm and 6.4 lb-ft at 6500 rpm. That’s because the 52.5 mm bore and 57.4 mm stroke of the Burgman Street’s motor favors a flatter torque curve over high rpm power, making it feel more powerful than its actual output suggests.

It is also very smooth and quiet in operation. The motor is mated to a very responsive CVT transmission for a seamless acceleration from a standstill up to a top speed of 100 Km/h. Suzuki claims a 53.5 Km/L fuel efficiency based on the World Motorcycle Test Cycle. With a 5.6 liter fuel tank capacity, this gives the Burgman Street almost 300 kilometers range on one full tank.

We get to ride the Burgman Street around the CarmelRay Industrial Park in Calamba and what strikes me the most about it is its highly maneuverable handling characteristics. It’s very easy to balance at ridiculously low speeds you can easily filter in traffic without lowering your feet, and it’s short wheelbase and tight turning radius makes it exceptionally agile in highly congested urban settings.

Suspension quality is also well sorted giving the Burgman Street a premium feel. The tall rear tire profile helps provide a supple ride quality while the 12-inch front wheel gives it more stability at speed. Braking duties are handled by a single disc brake in front and a drum in the rear. There’s no ABS but a standard Combined Braking System provides consistent and stable stopping power.

For everything the Burgman Street has it’s truly difficult, if not impossible, to find a comparable 125cc scooter that offers the same features and high level of quality for the same price of PhP76,900. There may be bigger and faster scooters with more high tech features out there but they are also twice as expensive. The Suzuki Burgman Street may not be a true maxi-scooter by definition, but it’s the only 125cc scooter that can give you a scaled down maxi-scooter like experience at less than a fraction of the cost. 



Engine: efi, air-cooled, 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, 2 valves, sohc

Displacement: 124 cc

Max Power: 8.58 hp @ 7000 rpm

Max Torque: 7.52 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm

Transmission: CVT

Seat Height: 780mm

Fuel Capacity: 5.6 liters

Tire, front: 90/90-12

Tire, rear: 90/100-10

Brakes front/rear: Disc/Drum 

Curb Weight: 110 kg.

Price: PhP76,900

+: Smooth motor, agile handling, premium features 

-: Large but shallow underseat compartment

C! Rating: 9/10

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