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Bilmola Helmet Philippines Introduces Bilmola Rapid RS Space Series

Bilmola Helmet Philippines offers a new range concept and introduces a new model improving helmet features of the Rapid RS. This new concept “takes flight” and aims to “elevate” a new communication that is inspired by cosmic dreams and out of this world exploration. Motorcycle riding has always been considered a different form of expedition where it does not simply move the body, but as well move the soul.

Bilmola Rapid RS Space Series define peregrination. Humans aren’t designed to be in one place, but mean to voyage. Wandering keeps motorcycling interesting and Bilmola wants to tell you that. The Bangkok-based helmet company is pushing creative boundaries with Mazlab Designs to effectively create the concept into innovative motorcycle helmets. The graphic details aren’t just simple applications but follow a streamline that flows with the shape of the shell.
Bilmola Rapid RS Space Series unveil 3 design variations.

Rapid RS Spaceship

Bilmola Rapid RS Spaceship
Inspired by the Apollo spacecraft and program that launched humans to the moon. Despite all the conspiracy theories, it’s undeniable how humans push the boundaries of exploration.

Bilmola Rapid RS Explore Blue

Bilmola Rapid RS Matte Black

Bilmola Rapid RS Explore Blue / Matte Black

Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, all the information gathered benefits humanity. Space exploration is done to understand the cosmos, planets and investigating phenomena.

Bilmola Rapid RS Space Area

Bilmola Rapid RS Space Area
The galaxy is vast! It is said that only 4% of the visible universe is explored. The technology required to fully maximize the exploration is still based on speculations, fiction and hypotheses. What could be out there?
It is also worth mentioning that the quality of the padding and materials used are improved. The mix and match of anti-UV colored mirror visors correspond to the design requirement of each helmet design.
Here are the helmet specifications:

1 Shell Size
Cushion Sizes: S, M, L
Interior Liner Sizes XS-XL

Interior Circumference (cm): 53-54, 55-56, 57-58, 59, 60, 61

Shell Material: Shock Resistant Thermoplastic
Cushion Material: Expanded Polystyrene
Interior Liner: Active Air

Visor: Polycarbonate with Anti Scratch Treatment

Retention System: Stepping Lock Made from Stainless Steel SUS 304
Cushion Structure: Multi-Density
Removable Interior: Available

Visor Ratchet System: Quick Release System

Weight: 1450±50 g
Standard Certificate: ECE R22.05 and TIS 369-2557
Visor Color: Clear (STD, Dark Smoke, Iridium Rainbow)

Ventilation Number: 4 Channels

For more information visit Bilmola Helmet Philippines.

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