October 31, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff Photos by Maynard M. Marcelo Words by Maki Aganon

Discovering The Flavors of Malabon with Ducati Unlimited Club and Friends

“Give a man money and he will buy and cook fish. Give a man a motorcycle and he will ride 100 miles just to eat fish and chips.”

Breakfast rides. This has been, if not, the usual recreation for biker groups. Whether be the usual spot or trying out a new place, if the sun is out, the guns roll out.

The first of September was a Sunday morning ride like no other. A lot of firsts for me that day and the foodie in me is happy. I was invited for a breakfast ride with the DUCs (Ducati Unlimited Club). Expecting the same, I bought a scooter. We met at the Manila Hotel and learned that we will be riding to Malabon.

This time I’m confused. Why Malabon? I thought the place was cramped and tight. But heck, I’m still going.

Our first stop was Betsy’s Cake Center. It was the pioneering bakeshop in Malabon and has been the staple for every local occasion.

To my surprise, a long-time friend, Jondi Lacson was there to greet us all. He is an active member of the DUCs, and also the CEO of Ducati Davao Dealership. We were all shortly briefed that we will tour around Malabon to eat riding bikes. Now this got me all excited.

We were graciously welcomed by Malabon Local Government. It seemed that they already prepared for the day. Congresswoman Jaye Lacson-Noel, Jondi’s sister, also joined our food tour.

Our first stop was Judy Ann’s Crispy Pata. We all got served platters of hot, deep fried pork knuckles. It is sinfully tasty. Mouth-watering crispy skin yet tender on the inside. “Whenever we celebrate occasions, there’s always Judy Ann’s Crispy Pata in our table.”, shared Jondi. “..tapos nag-uunahan pa kami sa kuko, kasi yun ang masarap..”

Lugaw ni Onoy

Next stop, we went to Lugaw Ni Onoy. This fast food ‘lugawan’ place is popular for the savory toppings you can put in the porridge. You can also order a generous serving of ox brain too!

After that, we took a short walk inside a narrow street. We were brought to Dolor’s Kakanin to have various sweet rice cakes for dessert. The original shop which looked like an old house was in business since 1933.

Halfway through our tour and our stomachs almost full, our hosts took us to Nanay’s Pancit Malabon, the delicacy where the town became famous for. The tradition of making the best tasting Pancit Malabon was passed on through generations. The shop was founded in 1984.

Nanay’s Pancit Malabon

Ang Pasig at Pasay walang pancit. Ang Malabon, meron.”, Jondi ended in jest.

We then took another dessert run, now for the famous peachy-peachy, or cassava pudding sprinkled in cheese.  Arny Dading is one of the best tasting peachy-peachies around.

Our tour ended where we started. There was a feast prepared inside Betsy’s for everyone and celebrated DUC member, Jambee David’s birthday, too.

Everything happened half a day, we all could eat so much, yet we are thankful and amazed how bustling the food industry is in Malabon is. I bet there’s more, soon we’ll find out when we return.

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