January 23, 2023 By C! Magazine Staff Words and Photos by Maki Aganon

Grit Apparel: Protection Meets Comfort

For riders like me, there’s one thing that’s really hard to find, they’re riding pants.

The size is quite difficult to find the perfect fit, especially the one that demands comfort and protection. If it’s not too long, it may be too big. Personally, it has been a total shopping nightmare.

Grit is a local apparel company that started out providing active wear. They were at the right place at the right time. There is a demand for riding pants and online shopping was popular, Grit provided quality gear and offered at a relatively reasonable price.

Grit is the brainchild of Inigo Pimentel. He was contemplating activewear products. He used his 10-year cycling experience to mount the brand. His products are aimed to manage the Philippine weather. He immersed himself in the motorcycling community to understand their needs. He wanted to position his brand, not as a competitor for other players, but as a complementary brand that will fit in between brands and the market. 

He partnered with Erik Montes, his long-time scuba diving instructor. He encouraged Inigo to ride motorcycles.

Comfort and protection is Grit’s unique selling point. Most of their products are stretchy, breathable, quick-wicking, durable, and affordable.

Choice fabric is water-resistant and stretchy to ensure riding comfort.

When I was invited for a Luzon Loop with riders coming from Cagayan de Oro, I had to plan very well, including my riding gear, and make sure that I pack light. I was able to use Grit Armored Base Layer, Daily Trousers, and Armored Underwear.

Inner pockets provide protection for impact areas in case of a crash.

The Armoured Base Layer is a skin-tight inner wear with CE protectors in the upper body impact areas (shoulders, elbows). It also has finger loops at the sleeve tips to prevent it from rolling in. The material is stretchy, breathable, and quick to dry. It was created to compliment any riding jersey or casual jacket since it already has protector pads in it. I was able to freely use my favorite riding jersey all throughout the 6-day journey. It all felt very light in the upper body and I barely sweat while moving in direct sunlight. It was also easy to wash and quick to dry.

Shoulder pockets perfectly accommodate CE armor.

The Daily Trousers are basically stretch pants with armor inserts. The material is a water-repellant, stretchy fabric with lots of pockets with a durable zipper. It was well thought off, provided it has an adjustable waist buckle and an adjustable bottom opening with a velcro strap. It has knee pockets on both sides that accommodate your favorite CE-rated pads. The construction of the Daily Trousers provided me with the freedom to move, especially on long-distance riding. It also repels water on light drizzles, and they are very easy to wash and dry.

Knee inserts accommodate most CE-rated protection in the market.

Grit considered developing Riding Underwear with CE level 2 hip protectors. This fully complements the upper and lower riding gear and completes the protection of body impact areas in case of a crash. Not only does it feel stretchable, but it is also comfortable and easy to wash.

Hip base layers are compact and comfortable.

On actual usage, the areas where you will start to feel the sweating is underneath the CE armors. I would suggest using your preferred CE armor higher than level 2 for more riding gear confidence. You can simply utilize your existing CE armor from your other riding gear. Most of them fit in nicely on Grit apparel. I would recommend D3O or something similar.

I also had some instances where the zipper handle on the trousers broke and had a hard time opening/closing pockets. I also would want the finger loops material to be flat garter types. I felt it was quite bulky and can sometimes feel it on the throttle.

On the other hand, they are ultimately comfortable, breathable, and durable. For me, it is an essential riding gear for daily motorcycle riders. It also effectively complements any casual attire. Comfort reduces fatigue. Adequate protection is important to feel secure every time you ride your motorcycle.

Photo 7 – Finger loops prevent the arm sleeves from rolling up.

Grit compliments casual apparel. It does not completely replace the protection of a full suit or a jacket and pants with abrasion-resistant materials. 

Trousers have plenty of pockets and easy-access zippers for your stuff.

Grit is a small company that is fuelled by vision. It was reserved and created with passion. 

Feels like wearing casual pants with ample protection.


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