August 11, 2017 By Maynard M. Marcelo

How to pick up a fallen bike

Unfortunate fall? Bike sprawled? Here are ways on how to get it back up



If you’ve been riding long enough, you know that accidentally dropping a bike is part of the whole riding experience. While there are probably a dozen ways to pick up a fallen motorcycle, there are only three effective techniques you could use to make the seemingly impossible task easier, and these are proven to work on whatever bike you ride. We learned these techniques during the BMW Motorrad enduro training last week, so big thanks to our friends in BMW Motorrad Philippines for the invaluable lesson.

So here’s a scenario. Let’s say that you are backing your bike out of the garage and then your foot slips, sending your beloved BMW R1200GS, all 505lbs of it, falling on its right side. Thankfully, you invested in Touratech crash guards and the only damage incurred is to your pride. There are some things to check first before picking up the bike. If the bike’s engine is running, be sure to switch it off immediately. Engage first gear to prevent the bike from moving when you pick it up. Put down the bike’s side stand so it won’t tip over to the other side after you pick it up. It happens. Believe me.

The easiest way, at least for me, is to pick up the bike from the handlebar. First, turn the handlebar all the way to the left (this is if the bike has fallen on its right side). This position will give you more leverage. By placing your right hand on the grip and your left hand below it for support, with one swift motion you lift the bike up using your legs and not your back. When the bike is almost upright, pull the bike up using your arms then letting it rest on its side stand. This technique may also be used if the bike falls on its left side, but be sure to turn the handlebar all the way to the right and deploy the side stand once the bike is nearly upright.

For the second technique, turn the handlebar all the way to the right. Again, making sure the engine is switched off, first gear is engaged, and the side stand down. While facing the bike, you grab the right hand grip with your right hand while your left hand holds onto the grab rails or the bike’s subframe. Again, with one swift motion, you lift the bike using your leg muscles and not your back. Make sure to push the bike while stepping forward once the bike is almost standing upright then let it rest on its side stand. You could also do this technique while facing away from the bike, with your left hand on the right hand grip and your right hand on the grab rail. Simply reverse the technique if the bike falls on the left side.

These two methods notwithstanding, though, perhaps the easiest technique of all is the third, which is to call for help. If you’re lucky, you might even watch your friends do all the heavy lifting.

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