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LEXIN (LX-B4FM) 4-Way Bluetooth Intercom Review

Audiophiles rejoice! Presenting the LEXIN LX-B4FM; A high quality yet very affordable Bluetooth Intercom with 4-way connectivity.

When it comes to motorcycle riding, I found out that there are two kinds of people. The first one likes the music on, the other one doesn’t. I am the first one.

I really have to admit, I am that kind of person who easily gets bored in traffic, even on long rides. There is a tendency that I overthink, or I get really sleepy. That’s why music is kind of a remedy. Some people say it can get dangerous, because you may not hear any vehicle noise and might result in an accident, now this is where adaptable motorcycle intercoms come in. Just like this new brand I came across with, called Lexin.

Formed in 2006 as a manufacturer for OEM car audio systems, Lexin Electronics, Inc. provided motorcycle intercom products aimed to enhance riding experience at a user-friendly cost. Lexin’s direction is to create affordable, yet quality gear for riders. Lexin is an American company with worldwide distribution, with global quality products manufactured on key local markets.

Now here in the Philippines, our good friends from Motovita dropped the good news as they become the official distributors of Lexin. Raemin Reyes, Head of Lexin Sales and Marketing was able to provide us samples to let us experience the product ourselves. I was the one honestly being pushed to try the product out, for some reasons that my peers understand that I prefer to trip on music, aside from talking nonsense. Now before trying out the product, there is something that really dings my interest in this one – affordability.

The Lexin LX-B4FM Bluetooth Intercom can be availed for just PhP4,500 per device and all the additional accessories. The lone intercom I currently use is retailed at around PhP30,000 per device. That’s a lot of money for tripping, but I don’t complain. I bought it because it’s reasonably priced. Same thing goes with LX-B4FM. The question that came to mind; is it actually worth it? I used it for a week and here are my thoughts.





First, the installation process. One thing I like about LX-B4FM is that it’s really easy to install. It uses a paperclip-like handle that you can squeeze and nip the unit on your helmet. It’s easier to put compared to my other intercom. Moving it to other lids won’t hurt your fingers. But, if you forcefully pull the clip off, you may succeed, but the results won’t be pretty. In my own experience, it’s secure while moving, even at higher speeds.

Second, big buttons. Even with gloves on, you can press buttons with ease, even on one handers. You can hold the +/- volumes to skip tracks. It’s a simple pleasure, especially when you have the same playlist on.

Third, music is loud and clear. With Hi-Fi Stereo, you don’t mince with lyrics. You can hear all the juicy pops, and the volume is just at around 60% and you don’t want to go over that. The sound is generous, crisp and robust. If only they can add more bass in it, now you’re speaking my language.

Last but not the least, clear calls. I’ve had an encounter with one brand that I now barely use because of specification issues. There are times that connections are lagging for some reasons. I also experienced signal interference, and it became really annoying after a while. I’ve yet to encounter the problem with LX-B4FM and that’s good news for the brand. You know, when you need to answer right away, like when the wife calls. You’ll never know.

Additionally, it has Siri or S voice activation, IP67 waterproofing level, 300 hours battery life on idle, 15 hours working time, noise cancelling features, can connect up to 4 riders for up to 1500 meter range, and a handy dandy FM Radio channel. What more can you ask for?

There are some things that, if I may wish for the product to improve upon, it would be great if the volume knob is like a wheel type. It acts faster than buttons do. Voice command features might be some add-ons in the future. Other than that, the price point is amazing and the people behind the distribution network operate beyond passion.


  • Affordability
  • Audio Quality


  • Buttons
  • Clip Quality
Product is available at Lexin Moto Philippines
Open for Dealership. Exclusively distributed by Lexin Moto Philippines
Contact them at:
0945-7337136 Globe
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