February 03, 2021 By Maynard Marcelo

Riding Tip of the Week: Extreme Fuel Efficiency Riding

In 2019 Yamaha Motor Philippines invited us to participate in the media category of the Yamaha Sight Saferun, a fuel efficiency reality challenge held in Legazpi, Albay using the Yamaha Sight 115 underbone motorcycle. Our objective was to try to beat the record 129 kilometers per liter held by Robby Malapitan. As a seasoned rider I know it will be extremely difficult, but not impossible, if you know and practice extreme fuel efficiency riding techniques. 

The 174 kilometers route started at the Yamaha 3S Shop Legazpi going to Petron Tabaco with a 26.3 km. ride, then followed by another 60.7 km to Yamaha 3S Shop Iriga. After this point, we retraced our way back, stopping on the same checkpoints, until we reached the takeoff area. 

After ATPI (Adventure Team Philippines Inc.) computed and verified the results, the 2019 Yamaha Sight Saferun resulted in a new groundbreaking record with 18-year old rider Miguel Ocinar breaking the old record with his impressive 147 km/L fuel consumption. He was followed by Christian Samar with 116 km/L and Arnold Lingas with 114 km/L. 

In the media category, Brando Rosales of MotoPinas.com snatched 1st place with a record of 112 km/L, followed by me with a record of 110.83 Km/L then on 3rd place was Randy Silva-Netto with a record of 103.57 Km/L. 

I wasn’t aiming to break the 129 Km/L record. Personally, I was very happy to achieve my personal best of 110.83 Km/L. The 147 kilometers per liter record of Mr. Miguel Ocinar still stands to this day. If you think you can beat his record you can start by practicing the techniques I used below. These techniques will work on any motorcycle but of course fuel efficiency will vary depending on your bike’s displacement.  

  • Keep your bike in tip top condition. The Yamaha Sight bikes we used were supplied by Yamaha and they were brand new and barely broken-in at the time of the challenge. A properly broken-in and well maintained bike will be more fuel efficient. 
  • Check your tire pressure. An underinflated tire will have more rolling resistance and will severely affect your bike’s fuel efficiency. 
  • Check your chain. Your bike’s chain should be properly adjusted, clean, and well lubricated. A worn out and overly tight chain will make your engine work harder and thus less fuel efficient.   
  • Keep your engine speed (rpm) to a minimum and shift to the highest gear as early as possible without straining the engine and try to maintain a constant 35 to 45 Km/h. Use the right gear depending on the road elevation. Down shift a gear during ascents and use the highest gear during descents. 
  • Use your brakes sparingly and avoid stopping. This may sound silly or even dangerous but the trick is to conserve every bit of forward momentum as much as you can. Coming from a full stop consumes more fuel.
  • Look far ahead. This will allow you to plan your path in advance for avoiding obstructions on the road. If you see an intersection ahead you can adjust your speed accordingly to catch a green light when you pass through. 
  • Crouch as low as you can on your motorcycle or hide behind a windshield if applicable. Presenting a low aerodynamic profile will minimize your wind drag coefficient.  

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