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Super Seduction: MV Agusta Superveloce 800

You must have heard the news. MV Agusta Superveloce Ago was voted Best Bike of Show in EICMA, in November 2021. The contest was created by Motociclismo magazine and let around 12,000 attendees vote. The Giacomo Agostini-inspired Superveloce definitely made heads turn.

The show which was held in Milan is one of the most important Motorcycle trade shows on earth where manufacturers reveal the future of the motorcycle industry, prototypes, and first-look concepts.
In the Philippines, MV Agusta’s latest addition to the family of exotic-bred motorcycles is the Superveloce 800. A neo-classic sport bike that shared the same in-line three-cylinder engine that of an MV Agusta F3, with that familiar buzzing sound, linear power output, and grinning, thrilling torque.

Unique retro styling makes the MV Agusta Superveloce 800 stand out among a sea of common sports and retro-styled bikes.

Simple but ecstatic. The stance of the Superveloce is simply shivering and exciting. I can’t comprehend its static aura but it sparks emotion while doing nothing. Among four introductory colors, this mix of Ago Red/Silver and Gold is just my personal taste. It speaks hunger, it speaks lust, it speaks of adequate power. The bike is very inviting whether you ride it, or just simply stare at it. The Superveloce is super seduction. The aerodynamic design is not too aggressive, yet the lines are flowing from front to end and the elements keep its basic character and speak more of the brand.

This characterful middleweight triple pairs traction and agility with explosive power.

The familiar MV Agusta F3 800 is the straight-up engine of the Superveloce, changed fairing, and bodywork, a bit stripped giving that retro vibe by utilizing round, basic curves and straight lines. The engine gives 148hp at 13,000 rpm, and 65 lbs-ft torque at 10,600rpm. The throttle input is via 47mm Mikuni ride-by-wire and now conforms with EU4 standards.

The 5-inch TFT dash displays an extensive amount of information.

This bike is equipped with all the necessaries, 3 Ride modes (Sport, Race, Rain), but with 8 selectable traction control modes, 5-inch TFT that show clear basic info, MVICS control system to manage connectivity and engine settings, now also includes the MVRide app for more personalization preferences, Marzocchi inverted forks, Brembo F/R brake calipers and runs on Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II. It also has cruise control, launch control, and a lot of titanium components.

Smitten by its beauty, Maki stares at its face with much admiration.

The saddle height is merely 830mm, with a short 1380 wheelbase that gives it cat-quick agility, weighs only 173kg, and can carry 16.5L fuel.
This bike is really desirable since it gives pleasure on and off the bike. The ergonomics is easy to manage, with a slightly raised handlebar faux sportbike, it does not get too tedious. On idle, it is visually fragrant. It’s like art that poses as a conversation piece, something that you opt to park indoors, in the living room where it will thrive and people can see. Motorcycle jewelry.

Stretching her legs on wide open roads.

Actual Usage
There is no other way to test a sportbike, none other than the twisty mountain roads. On a weekday, sans-busy roads, fresh air, and newly paved concrete, there is just no other answer to a question. In contrast to the F3 675, the Superveloce 800 is easier to manage, even in heavy traffic. The ergonomics is less tiring, and the handlebar position is not too low. The seat height is just enough for a strong-legged 5-foot-6, and definitely a slight ab-workout.

Fresh custom look and style keep on-lookers locked on as it passes by.

On the breakaway, it feels like flying a jet, because of the nice-looking front fender with the ample-sized bar end mirrors. The TFT display is big and vibrant. The bike can corner sharp and the suspension is working a lot of wonders, especially on the front end. The engine character simply makes you want to push the bike more forward, and the familiar buzzing inline-three exhaust note is grinning fun. The power is found in the middle and a little on the top. The bike is very stable in straight lines and invites you to tuck and lean forward.

Dripping in sexiness from every angle.

The compact make of the bike is key to its stability, no extra flair that adds up to wind drags. The throttle response wants you to go fast, at slow speeds, you may feel some shuddering, but at higher rpms, the fun is utmost. Unlike other bikes, MV Agustas have stiffer clutch grips, but not much of a nuisance in general. In the real world, traffic can build up anytime, now this bike becomes a task. If the bike is equipped with SCS, then it’s a whole different story.
This is one of the bikes I could keep. I’d say it’s a painful pleasure, given I’m not generally a sportbike fan, but this is one I could ride at night, Sunday morning weddings, ride-to-impress kind of activities, and a weekend track bike that I can park in my living room afterward. The value of the Superveloce 800, is something you can keep and give to the next generation. This is a future legend that our generation can enjoy.
This is a bling motorcycle that can provide multiple mental, and emotional satisfaction, other than just riding a motorcycle. It has conversational value, an exceptional machine, and a brand that speaks its own motive. It’s not the best bike to tour around, but definitely one that you can wear with your suit and shiny black leather shoes, where there are people waiting for your arrival.



Engine Liquid-cooled in-line triple
Displacement 798 cc
Cylinder Head 12 valves, DOHC
Fuel Injector EFI
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 148 bhp @ 13000 rpm 
Max Torque (lb/ft @ rpm) 65 lb-ft @ 10100 rpm
Transmission 6-speed MT


Top Speed 240 km/h (149 mph)
0-100 km/h | 0-62 mph 3.4 sec.

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Fuel Milage (km/l) 17 km/l


Price as Tested (PHP) PhP 1,550,000.00
What's Great Unique Italian modern retro styling with great handling and a strong engine.
What's Not So Price is in the range of higher spec and more capable bikes.
C! Editors Rating 8/10
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