May 14, 2019 By Maynard Marcelo Photos by Author and Randy Silva-Netto

The Little Scooter that Could: Suzuki Skydrive Sport Media Ride 2019

The market is flooded with small displacement scooters, but only a few look as good as the new Suzuki Skydrive Sport. Last January 22, Suzuki Motorcycle Philippines hosted the first-ever Suzuki Skydrive Sport Media Ride where representatives from various media outfits were invited for a quick ride to Tagaytay City.

Our meeting place on the morning of January 22 was at the Biker’s Cafe in Mall of Asia in Pasay City where fifteen brand-new Suzuki Skydrive Sport bikes were neatly assembled
awaiting their riders. Safety is Suzuki’s utmost priority so they provided us with new riding gear such as pants, jacket, gloves and helmet. If that wasn’t enough, Suzuki even requested
assistance from the PNP Highway Patrol Group, riding Suzuki big bikes of course, to escort the media contingent during the ride.

After the pre-ride briefing conducted by Sherwin Florendo of Suzuki, we were ushered out to the parking area where the bikes were parked. The Skydrive Sport comes in three different colors,
but I guess for uniformity and conspicuity, only the bright magenta color was made available for the media ride. And I must say, it’s a very elegant and stylish color that not only appeals to both
male and female riders, it also suits the edgy styling of the Skydrive Sport, highlighting its crisp and sporty lines.

After the obligatory group photo, we geared up and headed towards Aguinaldo Highway via Quirino Avenue. Traffic was already building up on that early Tuesday morning, but thankfully,
the compact dimensions of Skydrive Sport allowed it to filter easily through traffic. And I guess having police escorts also helped us quickly reach our first stop, which was Calle Real in Tanza,
Cavite. Calle Real is famous for their pancit luglug, kaldereta, paella negra, and calandracas, a slightly wet noodle dish made with sotanghon, bits of chicken, vegetables and pork. So even
though we were still full, having consumed a rather heavy breakfast at the Biker’s Cafe, we couldn’t help but indulge ourselves in the local specialties.

From Tanza, Cavite, our route to Tagaytay City took us through the scenic backroads of Ternate, Cavite, instead of the faster, but rather boring, Aguinaldo Highway. Of course, we
couldn’t resist stopping by the famous Kaybiang Tunnel for some lengthy photo opportunities, and also on the coastal highway overlooking the deep blue Verde Island Passage. So far, we
were enjoying the light handling, comfortable ride, and brisk performance of the Skydrive Sport. We didn’t feel any fatigue even though we had been riding for several hours already.

With beautiful sceneries and winding roads, it was a relaxing ride from Nasugbu, Batangas going up to Tagaytay City. We reached Balay Dako overlooking Taal Lake shortly after 12 noon,
just in time for lunch. Balay Dako, by Antonio’s, is a restaurant that proudly serves Filipino food. It is situated in a large compound with a central big house, which in negrense, a local dialect in
the Negros island region, means balay dako. After stuffing our tummies with delicious Filipino dishes, we made our way towards Museo Orlina for some fine glass art and sculpture
appreciation. Museo Orlina is the showcase of the artistry of internationally acclaimed Ramon Orlina, a pioneer and foremost practitioner of glass sculpture in the country. If you love fine arts,
Museo Orlina is a must-visit in Tagaytay.


From Museo Orlina, we made our way towards the luxurious Escala Hotel, our final destination for the day and where we were staying overnight. Escala is a new 60-room luxury boutique hotel
in Tagaytay with a panoramic view of the majestic Taal Lake, the perfect reward after the fun 150-kilometer ride. In the evening, Suzuki prepared a sumptuous dinner for the media
contingent at the Escala Hotel complete with live performance by Ebe Dancel of Sugar Free. Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without Suzuki’s signature Rockeoke sing-along portion,
where everyone got to be a balladeer/singer/rockstar, for the night.

Our short but eventful ride to Tagaytay with the Skydrive Sport has proven that you really don’t need a big and heavy motorcycle to go touring. Sometimes, all you need is a trendy little scooter
like the Skydrive Sport that you could also take to the office, to school, to food trips, and yes, even on leisurely road trips with your friends. Best of all, you won’t be spending much on fuel if
you decided to buy one. During our journey, the Skydrive Sport managed to travel more than 150 kilometers on a 3.7-liter tank of fuel. Now that’s a trend worth pursuing anytime. The Suzuki
Skydrive Sport is the little scooter that can.


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