November 11, 2022 By John Mendoza

Why You Should Join California Superbike School Philippines

One of the most important things I consider in my riding life is the development of my skills as a motorcyclist. I find the science and the art of riding genuinely fascinating and make it a point to continually build, develop and sharpen my riding abilities. 

Many eons ago, before the advent of youtube, I would scour the internet for downloadable copies of riding books. The most notable of those I found were Sport Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch and Twist of the Wrist I and II by Kieth Code. Now I’ve read and have been practicing what I’ve learned from these books for years to a point where I could confidently say that I had a good grasp of the techniques and concepts laid out within them. Well, that thought got completely shattered once I had a taste of the California Superbike School Philippines back in 2016. Back then, I only had level one and it blew my mind how much more I learned from the actual school compared to just reading the books.

Some of the stuff I learned then felt like an epiphany. It was a dark clouds opening up to a warm ray of sunshine moment for me. I was shocked at how some of the things I thought I knew and practiced turned out to be something I wasn’t doing correctly. My riding which some considered to be good was drastically improved to a point where I can personally say that it wasn’t up to snuff at all. 

Fast forward to 2022, it was finally time to go back to school and I was hoping to take levels 2 and 3 as I already had level 1 years ago. As luck would have it, levels 1 and 3 happen on the 1st day and levels 2 and 4 on the last so it wasn’t possible as they wouldn’t allow anyone to take a level without having passed the course below. 

Enjoying myself while class was in session.

I was thinking “what the hey,” it’s been years anyway, might as well retake level one to refresh everything before finally moving on to level 2 the next day. I was surprised at how much of the techniques I learned back in 2016 I wasn’t consciously practicing. Though I was doing them subconsciously, I wasn’t applying the techniques enough to their maximum effectiveness. 

The personalized coaching from our instructors from the UK, USA, and Australia makes all the difference. Even minute adjustments to my application of the lessons made a huge improvement in my riding. 

My coaches awarded my certificate.

Come to the last 2 sessions of level 2, I was lapping noticeably faster and was hitting apexes with sniper-like precision tracing lines ever so consistently. Because of the nature of my profession, I ride all sorts of motorcycles from cruisers to sportbikes, scooters to underbones, and everything else in between. The lessons from CSS don’t only apply to superbikes mind you, rather it applies to all, no matter what type of bike you ride. Yes, even to cruisers. 

Trimming the grass at CIS.

The friendships you build and acquaintances you make during the time you spend in school make the experience even more special. You get to mingle with well-known personalities and may even strike up a personal relationship with some. I’m super glad to have met new people during my time at CSS, especially the kids who were younger than my own son and some his age as they surely will be properly trained and capable safe riders I may one day be riding with in the real world.

Hanging with the cool kids in school.

To some, the tuition fee to California Superbike School Philippines may seem too steep. The reality is that it is but a small amount to pay for something so valuable it might save your life someday. The skills you acquire from the school will last you a lifetime of safe riding. Riding with full control of any motorcycle will make you enjoy the world of motorcycling to the fullest making every activity so much better whilst giving your loved ones the added assurance of your competence behind the handlebars.  

Another class photo.

I would like to commend Roscoe Odulio of Wheeltek, JP Tuazon of Tuazon Racing School, Raniel Resuello and Emil Banno of the Euro Monkeys, and Kawasaki Philippines for bringing the California Superbike School to the Philippines for Filipinos to experience and learn from. By doing this dear sirs, you are making better and safer Filipino riders one level at a time. Cheers!


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